Thank you for taking time to complete our survey and voicing your thoughts for when you would like to see VMT up and running again.

Opening the Curtain amid Coronavirus Restrictions Survey Results
(244 Responses)

1. How long have you been a patron of Virginia Musical Theatre?

__ 1-5 years 91 (37.3%)
__ 6-10 years 63 (25.8%)
__ 11-20 years 38 (15.6%)
__ More than 20 years 50 (20.5%)
__ No response 2 (00.8%)

2. What precautionary steps are necessary for you to return to live theatre performances?

a) Having your temperature taken prior to entering the theatre

__ Very important 111 (45.5%)
__ Important 65 (26.6%)
__ Somewhat important 33 (13.4%)
__ Not important 30 (12.4%)
__ No response 5 (02.1%)

b) Having all members of the staff and volunteers wearing masks

__ Very important 186 (76.2%)
__ Important 37 (15.1%)
__ Somewhat important 10 (04.1%)
__ Not important 6 (02.5%)
__ No response 5 (02.1%)

c) Having all members of the audience be required to wear masks while inside the

__ Very important 167 (68.5%)
__ Important 44 (18.2%)
__ Somewhat important 19 (07.9%)
__ Not important 8 (03.3%)
__ No response 5 (02.1%)

d) Having all hard surfaces in the theatre thoroughly cleaned prior to all
performances using CDC-approved cleaning/disinfecting products

__ Very important 194 (79.5%)
__ Important 33 (13.5%)
__ Somewhat important 8 (03.3%)
__ Not important 3 (01.2%)
__ No response 6 (02.5%)

3. If requested, would you wear a mask in the theatre?

__ Yes 232 (95.0%)
__ No 0 (00.0%)
__ Not sure 6 (02.5%)
__ No response 6 (02.5%)

4. What social distancing measures are important to your return to the theatre?

a) Limited seating with a minimum of 6’ of distance between occupied seats

__ Very important 129 (52.9%)
__ Important 65 (26.6%)
__ Somewhat important 32 (13.1%)
__ Not important 11 (04.5%)
__ No response 7 (02.9%)

b) Limit the number of audience members congregating in the lobby and the
bathrooms to 50% capacity or less

__ Very important 141 (57.8%)
__ Important 68 (27.8%)
__ Somewhat important 23 (09.4%)
__ Not important 7 (02.9%)
__ No response 5 (02.1%)

c) Stagger entrances and exits into the theatre to avoid close contact with other

__ Very important 123 (50.4%)
__ Important 75 (30.7%)
__ Somewhat important 25 (10.3%)
__ Not important 15 (06.1%)
__ No response 6 (02.5%)


  1. Do you have other concerns that need to be considered to make your return to the

theater comfortable?


  • Masks MUST be mandatory – no exceptions!
  • I am not willing to go into a theatre until there is a vaccine and I feel protected. I will not attend the Virginia Musical Theatre (or any other musical concert) at this time even with the precautions that you propose (which I think are absolutely necessary
  • Even if all the measures were taken into account we are not sure we could attend right now. We are both in our 60’s and avoiding large groups, especially indoors. Our survey responses are based on the current situation and not taking into account vaccines.  If there were an effective vaccine widely used our responses would be different. We do hope all this ends soon and we can get back in the theatre!
  • Thank you for your commitment to get back in the theatre as soon as it can safely done!
  • If the recommendations of the health officials are followed when reopening is deemed possible, I will feel comfortable to return, but think wear
  • There should be NO food or drinks allowed in the theatre, and there is NO excuse people not to wear a mask to cover their nose and mouth
  • We sit in a box with another couple that we are close to. I would not want to have to sit 6 feet apart from them
  • Will follow whatever guidelines are in place at the time
  • We are very anxious to return to the theatre
  • I think that staggering the audience’s entrances is a good idea
  • Thank you for being so cautious
  • Enforce all rules!!
  • Control numbers of people in the restrooms at one time
  • I’m sure this situation will evolve as this goes on. I know there is a lot of pressure navigating these uncharted waters.  Thank you for your efforts
  • Worried about people climbing over each other when they enter and exit
  • I’m 84 years old and must take this very seriously. Not sure if I will ever return
  • We would like very much to return and believe with proper, reasonable precautions, it can be safe
  • Request that every other seat be vacant
  • It’s important that my group be seated together
  • Very important to limit the number of people in restrooms at one time
  • Ushers need to take people that cough outside
  • No eating or drinking allowed in the theatre
  • We miss you and to be back sooner than later
  • Will not return until there is a successful vaccine. This is priority #1
  • If masks are to be worn, then enforce that rule!
  • Please come back!
  • As much I really love your shows, I really believe it’s too soon to return
  • Whatever is necessary to protect cast members, stagehands and musicians
  • Family members should be allowed to sit together
  • I attend with a group of 8 others. We want to sit together, but be 6’ away from strangers
  • Although we will continue to support VMT, we will not attend until we see improved treatment regimens or a vaccine
  • I think we need at least 16 foot distance from the stage performers to the orchestra pit members and/or the first row patrons
  • No, I think theatres can and should reopen. With less capacity it should be OK!
  • Groups that purchase tickets together should be seated together
  • Reliable therapeutics and treatment protocol
  • Better safe than sorry. As much as we want to get back, there’s no rush
  • Families may sit together
  • No, let’s go back. I miss the performances. Of course safety is important. If everyone wears masks and seating is separated a little bit, it should be fine.  Thank you for your efforts!
  • If masks are required, 3-4’ of distance will suffice. If no masks, 6’ of distance needed
  • Will we ever get back to shows?
  • Will not attend until there a vaccine is available
  • Get back to normal despite the comedy team of Fauci & Birks
  • Don’t want strangers walking over us to get to their seats
  • Masks need to be worn over nose and mouth…and enforced. Saying that masks are required, but not enforced, gives a false sense of security
  • It would serve everyone involved to proceed with caution as, at this moment such venues are undoubtedly high risk
  • Concerns for the actors as well
  • I have asthma and respiratory issues and cannot wear a mask
  • Thorough cleaning of the facility after every performance is extremely important. Need hand sanitizers in plain sight throughout the lobby and bathrooms
  • Would it be possible to add more performances so that it is possible to have 6’ of social distancing between seats?
  • Just use your heads
  • We miss VMT, but do not see anything that can be done to make it appropriate to return to live theatre, especially since singing is a serious source of COVID-19 spread. Until there is a vaccine and treatment, I do not see how you can safely put actors on a stage together!
  • Do not see the need for vacant seats. We are not face to face. Open up!
  • Consider shorter shows
  • Masks should be mandatory for everyone!
  • Family and groups sit together, but give 6’ distance from others
  • Shut down food and beverage service so there are no lines in the lobby
  • Sorry – we will not return to live theatre until there is an effective vaccine
  • We do not believe that we want to come back until COVID-19 is completely over. We cannot see performers or musicians having to stay 6’ apart.  We can wait
  • Couples and families should be allowed to sit together with 6’ on each side of them
  • I will not return until a vaccine is available and safe
  • If patrons do not obey the safety guidelines then escort them out of the theatre
  • I prefer not to return to the Sandler until all rows maintain a 6’ of distance from each other and ALL are required to wear masks. Would also like to have a vaccine available before VMT reopens.  I am a senior citizen and must be very careful
  • Let’s open!
  • I’m OK with one seat in between seated groups, but see no need to have empty rows if everyone is wearing a mask
  • Please refund my season subscriptions. I do not believe that I would attend even with the strictest of restrictions
  • We do not plan on attending performances until the virus is completely over
  • Really, we might not be back until there is a vaccine or the daily new cases in Virginia is very low; under 100
  • Could performances be given in outdoor venues, such as the beach, if there were a covered stage?
  • I will not be returning until this virus is conquered and there is a safe cure
  • Don’t open until we can attend without masks and distancing
  • Families and friends should be allowed to sit together as a group
  • I don’t believe that it’s a good idea to resume shows given the highly contagious nature of the virus
  • While I detest wearing a mask, I will wear one until we are clear of the virus or have a cure
  • I have underlying medical issues. Not sure that I would attend the shows this fall or this spring
  • If you don’t open until fall 2021, all of this could change
  • Groups and families should be allowed to sit together
  • Some performances will not have the same effect during social distancing
  • No Playbills! Wipes available to wipe arm rests. Mask are REQUIRED throughout performance!
  • If patrons are sick or not feeling well – stay home. That’s all!
  • I would not enjoy performance adequately while masked
  • Air quality and ventilation are important
  • One of the people in my party cannot wear a mask for any length of time as it gives them migraine headaches
  • Being in our eighties, my wife and I have to be very cautious
  • The rate of COVID-19 infected people in this area should be less than 5%!
  • Unfortunately, since my husband has had extensive heart surgery, we will not be able to return until we have been immunized
  • We believe caution is in order. We are both 75 and need to be extra cautious, but remain loyal to you and your mission
  • No need to break up groups or families for social distancing
  • Parties that come together do not need to be separated by 6’
  • Please know that when it’s safe to return, I will be first in line for tickets
  • We must all do whatever’s necessary to be safe!
  • If/when the virus subsides some of these measures can be relaxed. We are all learning how to live in this new world and the arts, no matter what form they may be, remain an important and imperative part of society
  • The 2020/2021 season is our 5th year enjoying the performances of the VMT. However, until the virus is gone or/and a safe vaccine is available, we are not comfortable in attending the performances. We take necessary precautions to stay safe, but are not participating in activities with large crowds
  • No vaccine – no theatre!
  • Those who do not follow the rules, doctor’s note or no doctor’s note, may not enter – period!
  • Being able to keep my assigned seat
  • We are not ready to be inside with a group
  • Just get the shows going